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Balance is the Key to a Good Life

The sole purpose of this website is to provide you with the tools you need to make better, healthier choices which will help you make positive changes in your life.

At The SilverPlatter, we cater to the whole person through the Philosophy
of Regeneration
of Sunrider International.

“The Philosophyof Regeneration is the guiding force behind the fundamental design for each Sunrider Product.

This Philosophy consists of 4 principles for optimal health:

1) Nourish + Cleanse=Balance: Take care of the body naturally-rest, good, healthy food, relaxation- and attain atural Balanced health.

2) Foods, not chemicals nourish the body. It is better to eat the foods which  contain the nutrients we need than to at the chemical elements which result when food is separated into its component parts.

3) Variety is not only the spice of ife but it is a necessity of life. The body is a complex living organism which  needs complex food from many life sources to replenish and repair itself.

4) Formulation, extraction and  concentration make the Sunrider products the most unique and exceptional foods to support the body.

When your body is balanced naturally, you experience more energy, more stamina and a more positive outlook on life.

I am an Independent Business Owner for Sunrider  Interrnational. Sunrider is a company that enables people to own a franchise-type business for a minimal cost.

Sunrider invests hundreds of millions of dollars in research, development and manufacturing to produce the highest quality, unique,  effective and safe, consumable products for the human body.

Sunrider products are considered to be Clean Food. Sunrider provides me with a business system that works. They offer world-wide operations, 24/7 ordering, personal customer service, state-of-the-art information services, accounting  and management, distribution and training—everything a person needs to run a  business.

Sunrider’s mission, as  well as mine, is to improve the quality of your life by offering the world’s finest quality of concentrated, herbal foods and beverages, made of whole food  herbs with live enzymes, to nourish, balance and cleanse the whole body. With Sunrider, I can show you how to regenerate healthy, new cells.

Sunrider offers you a concrete way to improve your health with a great line of whole food supplements, weight loss, sports & fitness, beauty and household products from Sunrider  International, Inc.

I invite you to browse this blog and read its articles and informational       pieces. Take advantage of our wellness pages. Refresh your perspective, think about your health and your role in how to you can take your wellness to the next level.

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Peace and blessings, Shirley L. Daniels-The Silver Platter



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